It was in the wake of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (the original Rio Earth Summit) that the International Hotels Environment Initiative, now known as the International Tourism Partnership (ITP), was formed. ITP was a programme of the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) for 20 years. In 2013 as IBLF prepared to wind down its core operations, ITP re-located its team, IP, funding and programmes to a new host organisation, Business in the Community (BITC).

20 years on, we look back at some of the milestones of the ITP journey:

  • Published in 1993 and now in its third printing, the Environmental Management for Hotels, a comprehensive guide to quality environmental management, remains one of the industry’s leading reference texts
  • Since 1995, Green Hotelier Magazine (now online at www.greenhotelier.org) has been the leading voice regarding the sustainable and responsible agenda in the hospitality industry
  • In 2004 we launched the Youth Career Initiative (YCI), a six-month work and life skills programme for disadvantaged young people, delivered through a unique partnership with the hotel industry and local community NGOs
  • In 2005, ITP published the Sustainable Hotel Siting and Design Guidelines, on the back of industry demand
  • In 2007 ITP launched its Going Green guide – a free and easy-to-follow framework for the wider hospitality industry
  • In 2010 ITP launched its first working group on sustainable certification schemes. Since then ITP has led numerous working groups on issues such as human trafficking, carbon measurement, and the importance of sustainability criteria in corporate procurement
  • In 2010, the US State Department began funding the YCI programme to help support the re-integration of survivors of human trafficking into work and society
  • In 2011 the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative was launched in partnership with the World Travel and Tourism Council (a unique collaborative initiative to unite hotel industry efforts to calculate and communicate carbon emissions from guest rooms and meeting space in a uniform way)
  • In 2012, YCI began operating in its 12th country (India), with the active support of Accenture and the HIFI hotel investment conference
  • In 2013, ITP re-located to BITC, from where ITP continues to grow and expand its work
  • ITP now has 18 corporate members with a collective reach of over 23,000 properties, more than 3.4m rooms and 1.5m employees in over 100 countries worldwide