The International Tourism Partnership is a global programme of Business in the Community (BITC) and as such, is subject to the overarching governance of BITC. BITC is both a UK registered Charity and a UK company limited by guarantee.

ITP Governing Council
The Governing Council comprises of ITP member company representatives at CEO or C-suite level. The chair is drawn from and elected by the members of the Governing Council for a renewable two year term. In an advisory capacity, it provides strategic and operational guidance to the ITP management and staff to further the mission of ITP, with members acting as ITP ambassadors with key stakeholder groups. The ITP Director, Stephen Farrant, is a permanent member of the Governing Council and reports on ITP activities. The Governing Council meets annually.

ITP Executive Committee
ITP’s Executive Committee is the more active and operational part of the organisation. Also drawn from ITP members, the committee meets twice a year for collaborative and action-orientated debate and discussion. It is the Executive Committee that, through consensus, guides the activities and programmes of ITP. The Chair of the Executive Committee sits on the Governing Council in an intermediary capacity between the Council and Committee.